PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suction Hose

Axine PVC suction hoses are manufactured from a mix that contains imported Virgin Poly vinyl chloride used as basic raw material and other compounding ingredients. And it’s made by appropriate brace obtained by legitimate insertion of hard spirals of rigid PVC in soft PVC walls that ensures strength, flexibility and aesthetics. Axine Suction hose is unique and distinctive in its phenomenal quality and outstanding properties. Our premium brand namely Axine flex is one of the most trusted brand in purpose of water sucking and delivery in agricultural and constructional fields.

Field of Application

Suction and delivery of water for household purposes and agricultural irrigation purposes, saline water and soft chemicals etc.

Features & benefits

  • Flexibility is retained in addition to securing required strength
  • Less brittle and high tear strength
  • No kinking, bulging or bursting even in unexpected working conditions
  • Top notch resistance to high vacuum/pressure
  • Harsh weather withstand ability
  • Anti-corrosive and crack resistant
  • Well finished inner surface for free flow
  • Convenient
  • Free from apertures and foreign inclusions
  • Long life and economical
PVC Suction Hose
Pressure at 30°C

Working Pressure 3.5kg/cm² to 7kg/cm²
Bursting Pressure 11kg/cm² to 24 kg/cm²


Axine flex
Green guard

Available Sizes

INCHES MM Inner Diameter Standard Length (Mtr)
¾ 20 19.0 30 M
1 25 25.4 30 M
1 ¼ 30 31.8 30 M
1 ½ 40 38.0 30 M
2 50 50.8 30 M
2 ½ 65 63.5 30 M
3 75 76.2 30 M