PVC Garden Hose

PVC Garden Hose

Axine PVC garden hoses such as Axine flex are manufactured from superior quality imported Virgin PVC raw material with incorporation of adequate quantity of processing oil and other compounding ingredients for ensuring fine flexibility and phenomenal clarity. This is ideally suited for low pressure conveyance or delivery of water is required. Axine Garden hoses are designed and manufactured in such a manner that minimal or no amount of fungus are accumulated during its working and also has ability to neglect water blockage while pulling the hose.

Field of Application

As because of Low pressure delivery of water, it’s using mostly for gardening and every day application

Features & benefits

  • Desired Flexibility without limiting tear strength
  • Light weight
  • Weather withstand ability
  • Easy and convenient to handle
  • Excellent chemical and corrosive resistance
  • Long service life
  • Made in aesthetic multiple colours
  • Crack resistance
  • Color fastness
PVC Suction Hose

Available Sizes

INCHES MM Standard Length
½ 15 30
¾ 20 30
1 25 30